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The BEEHIVE company is ready to offer you what you are looking for, namely – inexpensive and comfortable offices in Kiev.

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The building itself is located in an area with excellent transport links for both personal and public transport, not far from Solomenskaya square and metro station Vokzalnaya. Offices have plastic windows and carpeting on the floor, the building is equipped with fire alarms and alarms, wiring for electrical, telephone and internet sockets, elevators – 4 pcs. (2 cargo. 2 passenger) There is a guarded parking lot, parking in front of the building.

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A large number of different companies have placed their offices and warehouses on the territory of the business center. Such an environment and developed infrastructure makes it possible to feel comfortable and effectively conduct business for any company located inside our business center.
You can get a lot of services inside the business center from companies that have located their offices near you, which is always important in the daily business activities of each company.

  • Mutual understanding – we delve into the individual situation of each client before providing the optimal solution for him.
  • Flexibility – we help companies to be more adaptive, creative and resilient in the realities of a rapidly changing external environment.
  • Sincerity – We are sincere in our belief that our success is inextricably linked to the success of our clients, and this is reflected in all our decisions and actions.
  • Development – we are guided by the principle of continuous improvement of ourselves, business processes, the physical attributes of our business and the relationship with our customers.
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