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Convenient location of the business center:
Developed infrastructure;
Office and warehouse in the same area;


Inexpensive office rental:
Long-term lease possible. The contract under which the office is leased can be concluded for a long term;


Office rent without commission:
System of discounts. We carry out an individual approach to each client and, depending on his needs and capabilities, we can offer additional discounts;
Possibility of registration of a legal address;

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Frequently Asked Questions

Renting an office is a very important stage in the activity of any business. Before starting the search for an office, you need to decide on the basic conditions, such as the location of the office, the required area of the premises and its category (comfort, class of the building, price range). The best option for renting an office is to rent an office from the owner of the office space, as this will allow you to avoid the cost of a commission to an intermediary.

When you have decided on the premises, the Agreement is drawn up, which is a legal document that is binding. After registration of the contract, payment is made, after payment, check-in to the office takes place. The selected premises are transferred by the lessor to the lessee under the acceptance certificate.

Renting commercial real estate is the best option for small and medium-sized businesses, since buying your own premises is several times more expensive than renting from a reliable owner. In addition, renting commercial real estate makes your business more flexible (mobile) in terms of location and choice of conditions (category of premises, price, area).

Office rental in Kiev

What are the criteria for a profitable rental?

When searching for a commercial location, the tenant determines the following requirements:

Functionality of the premises – every square meter must be cost effective;
Convenient location – office rental should not be in a hard-to-reach place. If possible, this should be the city center;
Attractive contractual terms – price without intermediaries, with an interesting offer on the market;
Negotiations on the conclusion of an agreement should go directly from the owner. The owner of the location must take into account all the wishes and requirements of the client.

Most commercial offers have a significant flaw. A high percentage of the availability of technical rooms – a large hall on the floor, various technical rooms. It is unprofitable for a company to pay for a location whose space is not very efficient. Every square meter should work and be profitable. A good layout and excellent zonal distribution of jobs make the price the most efficient on the market. Even renting a large office space, the client can be convinced of this. It is inexpensive compared to other real estate offers.

How to make a deal profitable?

For example, office rental Solomenskaya Ploschad has the most optimal conditions. In terms of price-quality ratio, this is the best office rental Kiev. The offer takes into account the interests of various businesses – from a small company with a minimum operating budget. Before an enterprise intending to rent a large area for its employees. If the company expands and enters a new level, it is not necessary to move to another office center. Here are any areas for the new parameters of the client.


Room functionality

A small business tries to make minimal use of the profit it receives. However, telecommuting is not always able to cover all costs. You need a workspace where you can have a comfortable meeting with a client. Moreover, the latter does not even know that the office is rented hourly. The tenant receives the following benefits:

Planning costs effectively;
Spends money only when it is really necessary for the business;
At any time, he can take an empty room for organizing a meeting or negotiations.
As soon as the business started showing good results, office rent is available at any time. With the expansion of the staff, in the same office center, you can pick up a larger room.

Owner price

Renting an office in Kiev is often problematic for many reasons. The agent does not always catch the client’s needs. Almost never can affect the price reduction – this is in the exclusive competence of the owner of the office center. In addition, his services significantly increase the value of the transaction. The minimum remuneration will be from 50% of the rate for the first month. This is an expensive condition and not always justified. The best way is to negotiate directly with the owner of the building. Exclude any intermediaries and agents. Get the most favorable price and conclude a long-term contract. Only the landlord can offer a discount depending on the choice of the occupied area and the terms of the agreement.

Premises readiness

An important advantage is that the office is accessible without renovation. From the moment of the conclusion of the contract, the office rental in Kiev is ready to start work. There is no need to plan long-term repairs, spend resources on finding a contractor and increase the budget for a location several times. Everything is turnkey ready – fast and reliable.

Convenient location

All office buildings in Kiev have the most significant drawback – high building density and traffic congestion. Solomenskaya Square compares favorably with other locations – this is the central part of the city, the main city highways diverge to different points of Kiev. Regardless of the place of residence of each employee, it is convenient to get here by any means of transport. By metro or city bus, trolleybus. Add one more plus – at rush hour, thanks to the wide highways, you will not have to sit in traffic for a long time.

If a tenant is looking for premises within the suburbs, he is making a serious mistake. It is much more difficult to get here from other parts of the city. Some employees will lose motivation – why spend an extra hour on a trip when it’s easier to find another job. In a convenient location. According to statistics, for more than 30% of quitting employees, this is an important condition. Renting an office in Kiev on Solomenskaya Square offers a convenient compromise. It is convenient to get there from anywhere in the city.

Another advantage is one of the few central parts of the city that is not distinguished by high-storey buildings. The best rental of premises in Kiev for free space and the penetration of natural light.

Make the choice that best suits your interests. Price without intermediaries, with the ability to get a favorable offer directly from the owner of the building. Convenient location in the central part of the city is optimal for any employee of the company. You can get there with minimal time costs – the main thoroughfares of the city are crossed.